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I was given the chance to visit Nicola in her home to have a hypnotherapy session to help me to stop vaping. I was sent a track to listen to daily for a week beforehand which I did religiously - it was incredibly soothing and relaxing and I felt it prepared me for the face to face session very well. I was not sure what to expect but Nicola welcomed me as a complete stranger and made me feel completely at ease straight away. I was impressed and interested with the way the session was structured and did not realise that I was to learn why we behave in the way we do in terms of habits and breaking habits. I was made aware of GDPR and how my information would be stored which was reassuring.  Nicola talked me through the functions of the brain and how habits are formed/reinforced and she advised how she would talk to me during the hypnotherapy session. I felt relaxed throughout in a comfy chair with a lovely blanket and could have stayed for hours as her voice was so soothing. After the session I did not vape and cannot really fathom how this works but it does as I have still not vaped. 

Thank you Nicola for giving me the opportunity of a session with you. 

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